• I prefer my after shave to have more of a kerosene cucumber smell.

    • Well, I thought it would be easy, especially this time of year. Ben Weaver gives a bottle of "shaving lotion" to Ellie (?) in the Christmas episode.

      • Somebody been painting in here?

        Maybe it’s Andy and the new Mayor.  

      • Ahh, should have considered the Christmas tie in.  Good one!  I was thinking of Barney with the bag full of pickles he told Aunt Bea was shaving lotion.

        • My first thought was: CAW-SHUN, user should wear gloves!

          • That was good for a loud laugh!  Good one, George. 

            Then after Andy said that Barney got mad:” Oh you’re funny! I should give you 100 on the laugh meter!”

            One of the best episodes but I’m sorry to say that I really don’t like Mayor Stoner. 

  • What episode did I watch?


    • This one’s making me hungry.....isn’t that the new dessert that came out after it became a state.....baked Alaska?

      • What a dunce I am. I searched for flags of nations; never occurred to me that it was  a state flag.

  • Here's one:

    Hint- I started boiling those eggs at 5:00


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