• Hmmm.....Popeye and spinach?  Opie planting spin-ish?  Could it be Bringing Up Opie?

      • Here is a bit more:


  • As in a half buck for Olive!

    • So, I’m assuming my guess of Bringing Up Opie was incorrect?

      • Sounds like it’s the one where Andy and Barney both left a quarter tip for Olive.  I can’t think of which episode it was though.

        • Yes, that was it! The episode was "Ernest T Bass Joins the Army".


          • The first thing I went and checked was Man in a Hurry when they were coming out of church and Barney asked Andy if he could loan him fifty cents so he could get Thelma lou a newspaper and a couple of frozen sunny jim bars. But there wasn’t anything about oil or olive oil or popeye so I was stumped. And I thought about the accidental extra-quarter tip when Barn said he’d go back to the diner and put his hat over it and sorta sneak his quarter back but then Andy said she could use the money since she has kids. Barney decided to just let it go and to her have the quarter and Andy said: “You’re all-heart, Barn.”    But I could’t for the life o me remember what episode that was and dirty me, dirty me, I’m disgusted with myself because I never knew that waitresses name was Olive.  I shoulda known that one.  Good one, and good solving!  

  • What episode did I watch?


    • Thelma something something? Wow, this one is tough! Whoever gets it certainly deserves a jar of pickles.


      • Hint: What did Eunice (On the Carol Burnet Show) call that lady in the picture? 

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