• They call the lady: Mama. Could be anybody’s Mama. Even Rafe Hollister’s. 

          • Gotta be Rafe Hollister in “The County Nurse.”

            When I was born I had my mama and when I die I’ll have the undertaker.  No sense cluttering things up in between.

            • Yaa hooo!   That’s it.   Rafe wasn’t about to be jabbed.  

    • Aunt Bee giving Opie "a little sugar" in "The New Housekeeper"?


      • No, that’s not it.  It might help to take the S from sugar plums and add it to Sweet Pea.

        • Ah yes, Big Jeff Pruitt!

          • He wasn’t shy for a farmer, that’s for sure.  Big Jeff brought Sweet Peas to Thelma Lou, his sugar plum.  You got it, Mayor.

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