• Opie: “Imagine, caring about how much a girl weighs.”

                  • Yeah, can you imagine that?  


                    Well, after all was said and done I suppose Jeff went back and married Bertha. At least she liked him the way he was. 

                    • Maybe Andy and Barney should have set him up with Lydia C.  

  • What ep did I just watch


    • I am coming up with "Aunt Bee The Warden". But I don't know why!


      • Mayor you are correct,  Tag number on Roy's Laundry Service truck.  


        • Holy moly, mayor. You must have that extra sensitive perception!

      • We are in the presence of greatness.  Mayor you must be in cahoots with the Count or like Bobby said you have ESP.  I wouln’t have figured that one out in a whole month of Sundays.  

        • I googled the numbers! This episode kept popping up in an image search. Could figure out why however. 

          So my greatness is diminished a bit!

  • I lost my ability to post pictures from my library (not sure why).....I’m gonna do this one anyway....

    Picture a beautiful sunrise, followed by a picture of a honey-dipper, dripping with the stuff....what episode?

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