I'm sure, like me, you have more than one favorite line from the show.  Share them with us and if at all possible, tell us which episode the quote comes from.  If you don't know, share your favorite quote anyway.  Just reading them will bring a smile to my face so I'm looking forward to seeing them.

"The first thing is did was pay for my on cheese sandwich." - Barney (The Darling Baby)

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    • Brian, I think you got the compelsion.

  • "The first thing is did was pay for my on cheese sandwich."

    That quote makes no sense, Floyd.

    I think there are some words missing.

    • "I'll clean him up later".

  • I've got two more...I'll probably get a ticket for loitering around here too long.

    EMMETT: Will you just go get me some gas?!!

    GOOBER (grabbing the hose-and-nozzle and staring off reflectively): You know…when I get married…I’m gonna look for me a girl that ain’t as smart as I am…
    EMMETT: Well, that’ll take some diggin’…


    GOOBER: When I get married, I'm going to marry exactly the same kind of woman I am...that ain't gonna be easy to find you know."
    ANDY: (after looking at Goober with that "no kidding" look) No, no, Goob it won't."
  • Saw this one last night.

    "Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz...swooosh (Barney catches fly)"

    "Well...it is Sunday (as Barney releases the fly)."

    Always makes me smile.

  • "Daylight's precious when you're a youngun', you know that?"

    "I would of greased my shoes but when I do that the cats all follow me."

  • Opie: "Paw; why do they call Mr. Beamon 'Plain Claude?'"

    Andy: "Because he's not a junior or a senior, so they just call him 'Plain Claude."

    Aunt Bee : "That's right, and all these years I thought they called him 'Plain Claude' because he was so homely."
  • Barney: Andy, take this, put it under your shirt (Barney hands a gun to Andy)

    Andy: I won't need it Barn. Fluffy and I've been friends for years.

    High Noon in Mayberry (S3E16) 

  • I will double-dip.

    How about this one...."Ladies, have you ever thought about starting a softball team?"  from A Wife for Andy.

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