Who got kidnapped?

Consider this excerpt from "Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army."

Andy to Army Recruiter:   "A while back he was going with a girl up here in the mountains...she married somebody else and he got mad at 'em and took rocks and busted every window in the house."

Barney: "He even kidnapped the girl..."

This is an obvious reference to "The Mountain Wedding."  I'm sure you remember who really got kidnapped.  Also, does anyone remember any reference to Ernest T. and Charlene ever actually "going together?"

Also, it is interesting to note both episodes were written by Jim Fritzell and Everett Greenbaum.

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  • The writers never expected anybody to pay this much attention to details. Neither did the set builders.

    • I agree. I was thinking today that if I had only seen these episodes one time, I would not have noticed this inconsistency.
      • Larry and Rascal, you are both so right.  I'm sure when the show was in production, they never realized 50+ years later, we would all be setting here on something called "the internet" picking the show apart. 

        •  Aren't these electronal marvels just wonderful?

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