• Is the image from “Howard’s New Life?”

          • Well, I did find that he was on "Have Gun - Will Travel" as a character named Possum Corbin on the episode "The Brothers" (1961).  He also appeared as Windy in the serise "Outlaws" (1960) that was a western.

            Maybe it's from one of those?

            • Well, it's not hime from "Outlaws."  I found the episode and he doesn't look the same on there.  I didn't watch the whole thing. Here's where it is:

              • Here's another similar image.  Still not sure of the show though.


                • Ahh, OK.  Look at the file name I found for this image.

                  Paul Hartman-Have Gun.jpg

                  Must be from an episode of "Have Gun Will Travel."

                  • Have Gun Will Travel

                    The Brothers

                    Season 5 Episode 11

                  • Nice detective work. :)


        • I was nosing around IMDB to see if I could find the image in any shows he was in.  I didn’t have any luck but I did notice he starred in a 1949 show with his wife called “The Hartman’s.”

          I wonder if those exist anywhere?

  • Wow, sure doesn’t look like Emmet.  It’s the b&w photo that throws it off. Good one. 

  • Emmett Clark. Paul HArtman.

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