WHO said that?

A little twist to LINES from the SHOW: Let's take turns adding lines and letting folks respond by saying WHO said that and to WHOM it was said. Once you answer one, be polite and leave one for the next person.

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  • Say Norman, why don’t you play a little of that Saxomania?

    Who said that?

    • Isn't that from Those Gossiping men?  I think Floyd said that up in the hotel when his son was there with a sax trying to impress Wilbur Finch the shoe salesman.  

      • I love in that scene how Floyd and the others tap their feet to the music of their sons, so that Mr. Finch (“if that’s his real name”) can’t even measure their feet. Hilarious!

        • First time I saw that scene I laughed so hard!

      • Wonder whatever become of his son Norman? He's mentioned in 'The Jinx' episode but after that nothing is ever heard about him.

  • Opie said this in exchange for Miss Ellie promising him a free ice cream cone. Andy later suspected Miss Ellie’s kind gesture to be “a down payment on a husband!”

  • Help me up, will ya?  I got the misery in my back!

    Who said that?

    • That would have to be one Asa Breeney.

  • I just got over the "grip."

    Who said that.

    • Good ‘ol “Hang it on the wall” Roger Hanover!

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