WHO said that?

A little twist to LINES from the SHOW: Let's take turns adding lines and letting folks respond by saying WHO said that and to WHOM it was said. Once you answer one, be polite and leave one for the next person.

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  • Well, if you could let me have a dime, we wouldn't even have to talk about it.

    Who said that?

    • That was Opie all right! Andy was talking to someone. I can not quite remember the episode. Manhunt perhaps?


  • Here's one:  "You want to know the truth, Floyd?     I can't stand him."    B&W episode.


    • Andy said that to floyd about Roger Hanover. 

    • Franklin, that is Andy talking about Roger Hanover... "I feel the same way you do, Paw - I dont like him either." Opie

      • You are correct, Larry.  It's from Aunt Bee's Romance.  Roger Hanover was one of my least favorite charcters. I thought of it after seeing Bernie Fife's one about Frank; the mister -perfect school board guy who was hornin-in on Andy, because if you wanna know the truth, I can't stand that guy either.   haha 

        • Hang it on the wall!


          • Remember the scene on the porch? Roger Hanover was trying to swindle Andy out of $400.00 when he said that he would be on the noon train if only he had that money and he was going to pay it back. But Andy said 'You'll find Aunt Bee in the kitchen."  But-  Roger ended up leaving anyway without that $400 so the whole thing was just one big money grab attempt. But Andy played it cool and smart.  "Hang it on the wall"  yeah, all that joking around and being overbearing was probably part of Roger's scheme so that Andy would want to pay him to leave just to get rid of him. It's a clever episode directed by Howard Morris.

            • And a reference to Andy’s fine poker-playing ability.  Wasn’t there at least one other such reference?  I thought I knew one but now I’m not sure.

              • About Andy playing poker, I can't recall any other time when it was talked about but I sure will be glad to go through the episodes and look for it.

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