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Susan Oliver was an incredibly talented actress and played each of her roles so well, no matter her character.

If I had to pinpoint one episode as my favor, it would have to be Prisoner of Love.  What made it so was the

combination of Susan's character

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I've been a huge fan of TAGS since the original episodes were broadcast for the first time, but recently many of the later color episodes have been available and I'm wondering if it's just me or are most of the later shows so corny and contrived as t

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As close as Barney and Andy were, was there ever an episode ( apart from the one in color when Barney comes back to Mayberry for a visit ) where Barney stayed overnight at the Taylors ?

I don't think Thelma Lou or Goober ever did, but Otis ( as a pris

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Family Dinner For One

I'm pretty good at remembering what was said in each episode from the b&w years, but I cannot recall which episode Barney was complaining about not having enough money and Andy made some comment about how Barney needed to stay out of those high price

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Have you ever noticed;

Floyd in the Taylor's kitchen ?

Anything other than the sink in the Taylor's bathroom ?

Sarah at her switchboard ?  For that matter, Sarah at all ?

It makes me wonder how many scenes were just never thought of, had occasion to come

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In Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter, right inside the front door of their house, where's the closet ?  Also, isn't the post office right across the street from the courthouse ?  Then why does mailman George have to deliver the mail ?  In several past episo

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Two nights in a row recently, I timed the commercial breaks and the heavily edited portions of the show and found something I had suspected but not to the extent the timing revealed.  Some commercial breaks were actually LONGER than portions of the s

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Goober's Passing

I was so sorry to learn of Goober's passing.  I read his obituary which brought a smile to my face.

George did so much in his life outside of Mayberry to help people, much of it I didn't know of before reading his epilog.

The phrase "I Told You I Was S

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