A Merry Heart is Like Medicine

Sometimes I encounter people (as do many of you) who will upon finding out my love for all things Mayberry, will say to me, "boy, I used to love watching that show," to which I reply, "Used to?" It's amazing to me how many people say they love TAGS, but never watch it. I am not trying to be critical, but when someone tells me they love "The Andy Griffin Show", I deduce that maybe they aren't as big of a nut as I am about the show. You see, The Bible says that a merry heart will do you good just like medicine. I am getting a little older each day (I bet you didn't know that), and I need my daily dose of medicine.  I recently finished reading Betty Lynn's autobiography "Becoming Thelma Lou...".  In her book, she pointed out how people look forward to, after a day of work and activity (for some work is activity), what helps them to unwind and "relax," as Reverend Doctor Breen would say, is to watch an episode of TAGS at bedtime. If she wasn't already in heaven, I would have to ask the Queen of Mayberry if she had been peeping in my windows, because she described me to a "T."  Nothing puts me in the frame of mind for rest and causes me to leave behind the concerns of the day like watching Barney tell Andy "It's therapetic", or hearing Andy tell Goober, "Why don't you have Floyd look at your eye, he's a barber?" Fortunately, I have all the seasons plus the pilot episode on DVD.  But if you don't, between MeTv and Pluto TV, not to mention the other channels who show episodes from time to time (think TV Land), there is ample opportunity to locate and watch TAGS on a daily basis. So, I ask you, "What's Your Hurry?"  Slow down, take your daily medicinal intake of The Andy Griffith Show, but don't call me in the morning, I might be taking a nap in the back room with my shoes off.

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