Was just watching "Bailey's Bad Boy" and it got me to thinking about all the times fishing is either referenced or shown in the show. Thought it might make an interesting discussion.

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  • Andy whacked a carp with an ax!

  • Sing along.....

  • well each and every episode starts with the theme song...The Fishing Hole!

    Well now, take down your fishing pole
    And meet me at the fishing hole
    We may not get a bite all day
    But don't you rush away
    What a great place to rest your bones
    And mighty fine for skipping stones
    You'll feel fresh as a lemonade a-setting in the shade
    Whether it's hot, whether it's cool
    Oh what a spot for whistling like a fool
    What a fine day to take a stroll and wind up at the fishing hole
    I can't think of a better way to pass the time of day
    We'll have no need to call the roll
    When we get to the fishing hole
    They'll be you, me, and old dog, trey to do the time away
    If we don't hook a perch or bass
    We'll cool our toes in dewy grass
    Or else pull up a weed to chaw
    And maybe sit and jaw
    Hanging around, taking our ease
    Watching that hound a scratching at his fleas
    I'm gonna take down my fishing pole
    And meet you at the fishing hole
    I can't think of a better way
    To pass the time of day

  • In, 'A Singer Comes To Town', Keevy Hazelton visits Mayberry for a little fishing.

  • Andy and Helen got busted for fishing at Myers lake without a license.

  • David Browne, the hobo, could talk to the fish.

  • In the first episode aunt Bea was fishing with Andy and Opie.

    In Opies Rival Miss Peggy was fishing with Andy and Opie.

    In The Jinx Andy and Barney were fishing with Henry Bennett.

    In Baileys Bad Boy Andy and Opie were fishing with Ron Bailey.


  • You get a line, I’ll get a pole, honey.

  • Just watching “Opie Finds a Baby.”  Starts out with Opie and Arnold coming back from fishing, poles in hand.

    • The opening scene in that epsiode has always been hard for me to swallow- No way would Aunt Bee allow that smelly tackle box on her breakfast table!


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