Floyd's Quotes

Not sure if this has been done before, but I thought it would be fun to make a list of quotes from Mayberry's favourite barber!


I'll start with one: "It starts here Andy....and then it ends with your mailbox!"

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  • so many...

    "I've got the magazines to swing it!"


    "Maude, Al, If those hamburgers are ruined, I won't be responsible"


    "We had the baldest cats in the county."

  • I always enjoyed Floyd’s “big-spender” exchange with Barney, in If I Had a Quarter-Million Dollars.  Lots of good Floyd lines there.....like “35 cents!?” a copy for Barney’s cigars.

    • Floyd in that episode: "Wide open!"


  • "There's nothing to worry about in Mayberry today."

    From Guest of Honor.  #3 came into the courthouse and said that after Andy and Barney discovered Thomas A. Moody was a fake.  I think his real name was Sheldon Davis.

    • I may have that quote wrong. My internet has been down for a long time, using iphone to type this. I don't have Guest of Honor on DVD.  Floyd might have said: "Everything is okay in Mayberry today." 

  • Now quite a quote, but Floyd humming The Wedding March to Andy in “Andy and Opie-Bachelors” always gave me a smile.

  • My favorite Floyd quote also comes from Convicts at Large, which is by far Howard McNear's best performance. It is sad it was his last one before his stroke. The quote - "Maude, Al, if those hamburgers are ruined, I won't be responsible!"

    • could be his funniest line.  Andy Griffith couldn't keep a straight face in many scenes with Don and Howard.  You can see the real laughter in some scenes.  Andy loved Howard so much after he had his stroke he still managed to make a way for Floyd to be in scenes.

    • Or "Barney you're a good dancer! Just light on your feet!"

      And there were some more good ones from that episode. That episode was a Floyd Quote Goldmine!


  • "If I keep this up I'll probably end up with barber's claw from holding the shears all day."

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