Floyd's Quotes

Not sure if this has been done before, but I thought it would be fun to make a list of quotes from Mayberry's favourite barber!


I'll start with one: "It starts here Andy....and then it ends with your mailbox!"

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  • I love when he reads from the motel brochure when the Taylor's are planning their Hollywood trip:

    "Oh say, here's another nice one...'At night, sway to the Moroccan rhythms of Jose Gonzales in the Zombie Room while the winds whisper seductively through the coco palms.'


    • From Helen the Authoress: "You know when an author gets famous they start paying them by the word. Ten cents a word, twenty cents a word. . . In one of her little stories she could stick in something about a sunset. You know like 'The sun is dropping lazily down behind the purple hill in the western sky'. A thing like that could run ten or twelve dollars!"

      • That's awesome, I had forgotten about this one! He had a special quality in his humor and delivery after his stroke that was so endearing.


        • Yes, I feel the same way. He became my favorite character. I think they may have thought he was finished after the stroke as he was in only a few episodes towards the end of Season 4. But they quickly found out that he was better than ever!

  • "Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."

    (Calvin Coolidge said that btw)

    • "I knew Calvin Coolidge said that (I choose not to run).  I knew he had to say something, or he would have never gotten to be president."

  • "Better phone him, Al."

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