Music in Mayberry

I think this topic has been discussed before, but the discussion seemed to be a bit buried so I thought it would be a good idea to create a new one :) 


What singers, bands, musicians, songs are in our fair city of Mayberry?



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  • I'm a banjo picker.    Bluegrass all the way.


  • ♪♪ Oh, the apple treeeee, swaying in the breeeeeze. ♪♪


  • All those songs that might make a body cry.

    • Like Don't Hit Your Granny with a Great Big Stick!

  • Ethel Paige's organ recitals, broadcast live from the Pot O' Honey restaurant on Sunday afternoons.

  • And there is Barney and his bongos, playing "Seeing Nellie Home" like no one could!


  • My favorite song(s) has to be a tossup between Charlene singing "There is a Time" and Ellie doing "Away in the Manger."  Love 'em both.

    • And Andy sang "There is a Time" for his attractive "cousin" Gloria out on the front porch.


  • I feel a compelsion to add Down in the Valley, sung by Andy and Miss Peggy.  In eight years, I don’t think Andy ever looked more comfortable than in that scene.

    • Beautiful duet for sure!

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