Trying to Remember an Episode

All I can remember is it involves Opie and a richer kid, and the rich kid says that he will be able to get a pony. There is a scene with them both at the gas station. Can anybody remember what the title of that episode, or even just the season? Thanks.

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  • Goober and the "talking" dog??  Color

  • Another episode was Arnold Winkler telling Opie if it was his birthday he’d ask for something big like a pony in “Opie and the Spoiled Kid.”  Season 3-21, but scene wasn’t at gas station.

  • Both Bobby and George’s TV Repair are correct. For the color episode (A Man’s Best Friend) in Season 6, episode 12, the pony was a big part of the episode where as in the spoiled kid b/w episode it was just a passing comment.

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