• Well, I'll give it a quick guess and try: The Bank Job?   Andy said something about a blue-plate special and that is kind of a blue plate but,  he was talking about tomato stuffed with avacado and raisins so I don't feel like I have it right. 

      • Good guess on the "blue plate" reference, but this was about Big Jeff Pruitt and sandwiches torn into itty bitty pieces.


      • Aw, come on "Somebody got into your food and tore it into itty bitty pieces!" (As a kid/young adult I OD'd on Gilligan, so this isn't one of my favorites.)


        • YES, that is it! "The Farmer Takes a Wife". Little sandwiches like that will never serve as a meal for big Jeff Pruitt!


  • This one should get a quick response...the episode aired on this date in 1963. 

    • Why that was the date the whole Ladies Aid Church Committee got crocked!

      • It was, but somehow I expected Colonel Harvey to chime in.  Aunt Bee's Medicine Man. 

  • Andy’s Rich Girlfriend and Andy’s English Valet come to mind.

    • Good thought, but, no.

  • Might be a tough one, but there could be lots of clues. (B&W episode)


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