• Yep, you got "smart" here Bernie! A Visit To Barney Fife is the color episode in mind.


        • Thanks, I’ll put it on my resume just in case I ever get invited to try out for the Esquire Club.  By the way, I thought Barney was at his most obtuse in that episode. 

          • And remember: A high golf score is worse than a low one!

  • What episode did I watch?


    • I think they were in the barber shop and talking about when Andy was a little boy coming in to get a hair cut.

      Floyd said to Andy: "You always wanted to eat the shaving cream because you thought it was ice cream. You were pretty stupid, you know that?"

      Andy: "It doesn't sound like I was too smart."

      I can't remember what episode it was.    Still doing some head-scratchin.   


      • It's not the Punch in the nose episode, is it?

        • That was my thought too, Punch in the Nose, but I checked and if it’s in there it snuck by me. I think it’s one of those times that Andy Griffith used to call a ‘filler’ It’s like when they need something to put in there so the show is the proper length of time.  I think that’s how Barney ended up on the front porch talking about buying his folkes a septic tank for their anniversary.  The actors would throw stuff together and ad lib  things when they needed to.  I could be way off with the ice cream/shaving cream bit though.  But that’s what I’m suspecting.  And I’ll be dogged if I can recall what episode it is.  I’m stumped. 

          • Bookie Barber, maybe?  I just remember the story being told to a stranger.

      • That’s the episode all right. Floyd: “Andy thought shaving cream was ice cream!” 

        It was a color episode so that’s narrows it down to two seasons.

        • Found it. “Floyd’s Barbershop” in season 7.  Just Floyd telling Andy in the courthouse about Andy thinking shaving cream was ice cream when he was a kid.

          Floyd: You were pretty stupid.

          Andy: Doesn’t sound like I was too smart.

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