• Y'all are good!  Who said, "I do not choose to run." :)

    • According to Floyd, that would be Calvin Coolidge.  Of course he also thought Cal said “Everyone always complains about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.”  

      • Yes...Calvin Coolidge...I knew he had to say something or he wouldn't have been president.


  • Oh she was a "Wiley" woman!

    Who said that?

    • Actually, I think it was Barney describing Melissa Stevens to Thelma Lou...he was seeking to redeem himself.

    • Andy said "He was a pawn in the hands of a wiley woman".

      And Barney chimed in "Oh she was wiley".

      So both Andy and Barney mentioned the wiley woman.


  • Oh she was a "Wiley" woman!

    Who said that?

    • I’m thinking Andy trying to defend Barney to Thelma Lou in the episode with Melissa Stevens?

  • "9 x 1 is 9.  9 x 2 is..."

    "2 doggone much!  My turn, my turn!"


    Who said both of the above lines?

    • Ernest T., and what’s so important about nines!  He deserved another rude.  

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