• The makes my head all wet!

    Who said that?

  • Andy said that when Barney was cooking chili in his room at Mrs. Brendelmight.....Mendelbright....*hic.

  • That article appeared in one of your pubications, didn't it?


    Who said that?

  • Andy to Mr. Jackson from “Andy on Trial.”

  • "You make good coffee, Andy."

    Who said that.

    • Rafe said that when Andy was trying to convince him to get his shot.

  • A DOUBLE "Who said that?"


    Person 1:  Stay with me will ya?

    Person 2:  Right to the end, buddy!


    • Person 1 was Barney and 2 Andy.  I remember this from one of the epilogues but I can’t remember which episode. 

  • The "Shampoo King", huh?

    Who said that?

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