WHO said that?

A little twist to LINES from the SHOW: Let's take turns adding lines and letting folks respond by saying WHO said that and to WHOM it was said. Once you answer one, be polite and leave one for the next person.

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  • "9 x 1 is 9.  9 x 2 is..."

    "2 doggone much!  My turn, my turn!"


    Who said both of the above lines?

    • Ernest T., and what’s so important about nines!  He deserved another rude.  

  • Oh she was a "Wiley" woman!

    Who said that?

    • I’m thinking Andy trying to defend Barney to Thelma Lou in the episode with Melissa Stevens?

  • Oh she was a "Wiley" woman!

    Who said that?

    • Andy said "He was a pawn in the hands of a wiley woman".

      And Barney chimed in "Oh she was wiley".

      So both Andy and Barney mentioned the wiley woman.


    • Actually, I think it was Barney describing Melissa Stevens to Thelma Lou...he was seeking to redeem himself.

  • Y'all are good!  Who said, "I do not choose to run." :)

    • According to Floyd, that would be Calvin Coolidge.  Of course he also thought Cal said “Everyone always complains about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.”  

      • Yes...Calvin Coolidge...I knew he had to say something or he wouldn't have been president.


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