WHO said that?

A little twist to LINES from the SHOW: Let's take turns adding lines and letting folks respond by saying WHO said that and to WHOM it was said. Once you answer one, be polite and leave one for the next person.

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  • The smell...it makes my head all wet!

    Who said that?

  • Andy said that when Barney was cooking chili in his room at Mrs. Brendelmight.....Mendelbright....*hic.

  • That article appeared in one of your pubications, didn't it?


    Who said that?

  • Andy to Mr. Jackson from “Andy on Trial.”

  • "You make good coffee, Andy."

    Who said that.

    • Rafe said that when Andy was trying to convince him to get his shot.

  • A DOUBLE "Who said that?"


    Person 1:  Stay with me will ya?

    Person 2:  Right to the end, buddy!


    • Person 1 was Barney and 2 Andy.  I remember this from one of the epilogues but I can’t remember which episode. 

  • The "Shampoo King", huh?

    Who said that?

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