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Lessons from the Mayberry Christmas Story

I love the "Christmas Story"episode of The Andy Griffith Show...and until recently, always wondered why they didn't do another Christmas episode in the seasons that followed. Then it hit me.If you watch a lot of the other Sitcoms, they will have Christmas shows every season. And when you talk to friends and refer to those other shows' Christmas Specials, someone would always ask: Which season...1 or 2 or 3. It gets confusing.But NOT SO with the Andy Griffith "Christmas Story" episode. I believe it to be the Christmas show standard for other shows to imitate. In this particular episode, Season 1 Episode 11, there is a mixture of comedy and spirituality, love and kindness. Here are some lessons we can learn from this episode:CHEER: Spread Christmas Cheer like the Christmas Cards the boys got from the likes of the Hubacher Brothers, and Hilda May. GRACE: Andy let's the prisoners go home for Christmas to return after to finish out their element of TRUST we don't often see nowadays. A little COMMERCIALIZATION: with "Sanny Claus" and decorating the tree, and exchanging gifts. EMPATHY: When they have to jail Sam...and then bring in his family, so they can have FAMILY TIME.The loving SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS is shared among friends and family, with good food and with Miss Ellie singing "Away in a Manger" accompanied by Andy on the guitar. At the 2013 Mayberry Days, Margaret Kerry (Bess Muggins in this episode) shared with my wife, that Elinor Donahue was uneasy about singing on camera, although she could and did actually sing the song. Trying to convince her that it would be fine, Andy talked her into practicing it once just to see how it would go. She did the song and afterwards told Andy that she thought she could do it...and asked when he wanted to film it? With his patented ear-to-ear smile, Andy told her, "We just did."We also see a "SCROOGE" character in old Ben Weaver...pretending he is "Bah Humbug" about Christmas, when all he really wants is to not be alone. He desires, like all of us, to be needed, loved and appreciated, and eventually manages to get himself arrested so he can be a part of their Christmas.All of the elements in this episode remind me that the Christmas season is about all the things they are supposed to be...and that we should share the love that was originally given to us at the birth of the baby Jesus. So in this busy season, take time to notice those that are alone...those without food or shelter...those who've run across hard times and hard luck. Show compassion, love and grace where ever you see an opportunity.Only one Christmas Story in all of the seasons of the Andy Griffith Show was needed to create "Christmas Magic", and it's just as relevant today as it was when it was shown back on December 19, 1960.Have a very Mayberry Christmas...all year long.- Keitha.k.a. Col Harvey
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My Trip to the BIG City

I recently returned from a trip to the big city…the REAL Big CITY…New York, NY. As I stepped into thecrowded lobby of our hotel, a broad smile broke out on my face. My wife asked me what I was smiling about. I turned around, leaned back on the bar with my elbows and said, “Boy, you sure wouldn’t have to look hard around here to find some good felonies.” (Andy and Barney in the Big City). We both laughed out loud. And it was hard to believe what they were asking for rooms, more than $7.00...a lot more.Truthfully…it was a nice place in a nice location. It was a little different than my hometown, Pawleys Island, SC…and quite a bit different from Mayberry. However, I took a few small town behaviors to the big city and left if nothing else…a lasting impression on a few folks.One of the things I like to do is interact with people. Strangers in the big city don’t do that a lot…and in the world we live in today…you really can’t blame them. However, I coined a phrase some years back about those folks that won’t look at you as they approach you in the hall or on the street until they are right beside you. I call this phenomenon “Passive Avoidance.” I wait for the right moment…then I engage folks.One example: Often you find yourself among a group of complete strangers that ride the elevators together. You look up, down, at your watch and more often than not, at your Smartphone to avoid having to talk to the others. On my NY trip, as the elevator begin to populate and people started looking everywhere else, I said out loud, “Hello new riders. Welcome to the area!” It broke the ice. We started laughing and asking one another where they were from, how long they’ve been here, have you been to any good tourist attractions, and what restaurants they had visited so far. As I saw them the remainder of the trip, there was no “Passive Avoidance.” Instead, I got several “Hellos”, many nods of the head, and even one “Howdy!”One of the folks even told us about a restaurant they liked, adding that it was a bit pricey, and sort of fancy. We did not go there…I was worried that I might accidently order “Snails and Brains.”I took some of my quiet time in the evenings as I rested from site-seeing to read the news, a book and even check mail on my iPad. The place I go to get a little perspective on life, enjoy a few laughs, and have loads of fun is a place that you can all enjoy. It’s located at Look me up when you get there. Send me a Friend Request (ColHarV), read the posts, get into the Discussion Forums…in other words, “Jump in there and hang on!”Most importantly, look for Mayberry Moments, and make the effort to spread a little Mayberry every day.Keitha.k.a. - Col. Harvey
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Mayberry and Technology

Mayberry, NC is the home of one of the most beloved television programs of all time, The Andy Griffith Show. But as far as technology, there really wasn’t a lot by today’s standards. In one episode in particular, “Crime Free Mayberry”, Barney Fife is upset at the modern marvels of the neighboring Mt. Pilot police department and jealous because Mayberry was so far behind the times. He told Andy, “We don’t have any submachine guns, no tear gas, and we don’t even have a “hee-lio-copter.” Barney decries to the fake FBI agent that “Sir, we’re working under very primitive conditions here.”What would Barney have been able to do had they had a radio dispatch operator other than Sarah, the town phone operator, a computer mounted in the Ford Galaxy patrol car for access to outstanding Warrant records, an Eye-in-the-Sky heat camera for tracking escaped criminals on the run, or even an iPhone?The technology wasn’t prevalent in Mayberry, but some of the Technology that we have today has replaced what the folks in Mayberry used to communicate.So often, Mayberry folks had heart-warming interactions, which were lessons for us, by way of face-to-face interactions. You might see two friends, sitting down to talk with one another about a situation...a nephew sharing feelings with his Aunt…or a father having a heart-to-heart with his son. Today we could do the same thing, but it might be via an email, a text, a Tweet, or a Snap Chat. We share what’s going on in our lives with a Facebook message or with an Instagram photo and comment. And as you know, people tend to share more boldly via Social Media without having to look the other person(s) in the eye. We can share thoughts or pictures, but it’s hard to read the voice inflection, the excitement, the sadness, the concerns, and joy that we get with face-to-face interaction. So although technology and connecting with friends using the many tools that are available is great…it is wonderful to spend time talking with friends over a meal or a cup of coffee, with our phones in our pockets or out of reach.It wasn't that long ago that we didn't have email, text messages or cell phones. We did our banking in the bank with a Teller. We did our shopping by going to the store. We checked in at the airport with a flight assistant instead of an App on our mobile devices.Whether we will admit it or not, we all have a strong primal need to be remembered, to connect, and to belong to something outside of ourselves and our immediate environment. Technology can certainly put us in touch, but don't forget to connect as human beings. Reach out to others; share your lives with friends and family...with a handshake, a hug, and face-to-face communication...just like we used to do.Next time you are out at a restaurant; take an informal poll of the lost art of talking and sharing face-to-face. Look around and see how many folks are on their phones while sitting across the table from friends and family members…not talking. Technology is great, but I still think the world needs a little more Mayberry.-Keith(From the - by Keith Brown)
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WBMUTBB Chapter/iMayberry Community Meetup - Mayberry Days - Corner of Graves St and W. Pine Street


Hey Folks,

It's time to plan our meeting time for the WBMUTBB Chapter and the iMayberry Community at Mayberry Days.

I've looked at the schedule and the best time for us to meetup this year is at 3pm on Friday.  That would be after Mrs. Wiley's Tea Party (1pm-2pm), Doug Dillard Afternoon tribute (2pm), and before the Youth Trivia (3:30pm-4:30pm).

Normally we would meet following the "World Championship of TAGS Trivia" but this year the trivia will be followed by "Fast Gun Fife's Rapid Response" hosted by WBMUTBB's own Scott Hopkins!   That sounds like a fun trivia competition for "regular folk" trivia (maybe I can get at least one answer right).

SO, I think before all the trivia gets started (and don't forget the James Best session at the Earle at 4:15pm) we could have our meetup.

In order to make the meeting a more central location and to allow folks to actually visit a bit, I think we should try to meet on the hill that's just to the east of The Andy Griffith Museum (the corner of Graves St and W. Pine Street).

View Larger Map

That map should show you a Google Map of exactly where I'm talking
about (the map doesn't show the Museum).


WHAT:     WBMUTBB Chapter/iMayberry Community Meetup
WHEN:    Mayberry Days 3pm Friday
WHERE:  Corner of Graves St and W. Pine Street (

See you there!

-- Allan "Floyd" Newsome

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Mayberry Games Fans Might Enjoy

There are a few games I have over at and they've been around for YEAR but I figured you guys might not know about them.

Mayberry Word Search

Deputy Sheriff's Qualifying School:


There are also two Crossword puzzles about The Andy Griffith Show at the site that i did years back.

Gomer's Crossword Fill 'er Up

Emma's Jaywalking Crossword

I hope you enjoy yourself.


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2012 Mayberry Calendar

Hey iMayberry Community! 

Wow, the community is doing great and we're seeing a lot of folks join us here in our little corner of Mayberry!  I'm excited about that and I hope all of you will take time to get to know one another.  I'm going to do all I can to help that happen and to make sure we have fun here.

3798676162?profile=originalAs a start of the "fun', how about a Mayberry calendar?  The folks at the Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board Digest have been talking a ALOT for the last few days about the lack of a "store bought" calendar about The Andy Griffith Show.  That got me wondering why we couldn't make a calendar for our selves.

I'm adding a download link (see below) to this blog entry that is a twelve month calendar and each month has a different Mayberry related image.  The images are of cast members, tribute artist, shots from TAGS, and of fans. 

I didn't tell who is in the photos but I think you'll know.  If not, post a comment and I'll post the information on a given month in the discussion/comment area of this blog entry. 

The calendar is an Adobe PDF file and will print one month per page if you print all the pages at one time.  You'll then want to use a hole punch to punch three holes.  One in the middle top and two others evenly spaced toward the edges of the top of the calendar.   Take string or ribbon and tie it through the two outside holes and use the middle hole to hang the calendar on whatever hanger you'll be using.

I hope you all enjoy the calendar and I look forward to hearing from you!


DOWNLOAD: 2012 Mayberry Calendar

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