Music in Mayberry

I think this topic has been discussed before, but the discussion seemed to be a bit buried so I thought it would be a good idea to create a new one :) 


What singers, bands, musicians, songs are in our fair city of Mayberry?



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  • holy cats, all these replies and no one has mentioned Jim Lindsey and Bobby Fleet and his Band With a Beat?!?

    • You'll need a new set of threads now!

  • You get a line, I’ll get a pole, honey....

  • And who could forget Andy's quartet that went to Mt. Pilot?

  • We can't forget the fat little mayor's daughter, Juanita. "Flow gently, sweet Afton..."

    • She always does very well with that one!


  • We always had a tough time competing for gigs in Mayberry with the original Carl Benson and the Wildcats, especially after Carl brought his mother on.  That ‘ol gal could really gas er up!  I dig her!

  • Them Beagles.

  •  And who could forget the Dillards as well!

  • Opies Group!


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