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Tech Question

I see pictures on here that appear to be extracted from the DVD of the episode.  My question is; Is there a way to extract a short "snippet" video of a portion of a DVD episode?  That is, without having some type of special software.  


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Just wondering

There is a lot of talk on here about Mr. Schwump, but what is known of the two short guys we see in the background of many shots.  They are in the background when Barney is giving the Gov. a ticket.  Andy talks to them in Mayberry goes Hollywood.  


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Barney on a Barn

A friend got this pic somewhere and posted it to Kitty's facebook for me to see.  Info is it is pic of a barn somewhere in Georgia.  IMayberry members from Georgia that you can confirm?  Does it actually exist?  If so, where is it's location?  Shorty

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Municipal Codes

Every city has its “Municipal Codes” and Mayberry is no exception.  Over the years, we have been exposed to many.  I thought it would be beneficial to make a list of them, thus when Mayberry becomes our “hometown” we will not be ticketed.  I will sta

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This may have been discussed before.  If so, I missed it. 

Gilly Walker owns a car that Goober puts in the Courthouse.  Does anyone know what kind of car it is?   

Also, it that same ep.  Andy returns to town, sees the car, tell Goober to get it out wh

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As I was leaving the house this morning, I noticed the hedge needed trimmed.  It made me start “thinking” as one should not skimp on the “thinking stage”.   My “thinking” told me to wait until “tomorrow” as “there is nothing that can’t be accomplishe

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Just wondering

I was a fan of TAGS it's first time around before re-runs, TVLand, and DVDs.  I always watched the show for pure entertainment and not to analysis.  Thanks to this forum, I've started "wondering" while I watch.  In the "Barney's sidecar" ep.  Barney

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First, I don’t wish this to become a political debate. 

Over the years, I’ve noticed terms, and or themes, used on TAGS that would not be used in today’s shows due to “political correctness”.  Can you think of any?  I will start. 

In the epp where Aunt

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I don’t know if this has been talked about before.  If so, I’m sorry. 


Barney would accidently discharge his, “ole persuader” “roscoe”, “heater”.   How many times did it happen?  When and where? 


In the ep:  “If I had a quarter-million” he did it in

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Myra Kunz

Along with everything else Andy ever said about Ben Weaver, he is also very inconsiderate.  I watched the “Shoplifter” episode several times in a row this past weekend.  I just knew that eventually, Ben would not interrupt Andy and Barney’s gossip se

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Sleeping in Mayberry

Just wondering if anyone else sleeps in Mayberry. 

On those nights when I can't fall to sleep, I will plug in a TAGS cd and before the first episode, I'm fast asleep. 

I've known people that turn the radio on and listen of music while sleeping.  I list

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