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Missing Jim Nabors

I was watching the ep about Gomer joining the Marines that's included on the 'Gomer Pyle-USMC' DVDs with commentary by Jim Nabors. After the episode, he gave the following heartfelt thank you. The celebrities today could sure learn a lesson from him.

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Leonard Blush

Everett Greenbaum, writer of many of the most loved episodes, including 'The Songfesters', says in the book 'Mayberry 101' that the inspiration for Leonard Blush was a friend he had during his early days as a writer in NYC.The man was named Irv Schac

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My Wally's

This decrepit old building, vacant over 20 years now, is responsible for my love of all things Mayberry. Located in Vale, NC, in Lincoln Co., it's about 60 miles from Mt. Airy. Every year my father and I would visit my grandmother and other kin for a

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